We work in very specific specialisms within the IT and telecoms sectors. This means that we are very selective, even if by doing so it means we have to choose not to accept a specific vacancy. As a result, this means we work solely with the top candidates and the companies with the most ambition.

We remain honest and transparent at all times. If we feel your expectations as a company seeking to fill a role are unrealistic, then we won’t be afraid to tell you. We also like to meet our clients in person so we can get to know them face- to-face.

With our services, you’ll find that we will give you our complete attention at all times. We really do take the extra steps to match the most talented individuals with the companies most suited for their talents. It’s our aim to give our clients the best chance of commercial success by placing the very best talent.

We really make sure we get to know our clients. This way we are best placed to find the right people for you.

Our range of services really does include everything you could possibly want from a specialist recruitment consultancy – from European-wide recruitment campaigns to local searches for talented individuals. We can offer you the depth of our knowledge from local to international professional networks.

We have numerous connections within the Technology, IT, Telecoms and Engineering business niches. Somewhere on our books we’re almost certain to have the perfect person to match the role you are seeking to fill, and if we don’t we will find them. We only recruit the most talented and ambitious individuals.

Our services cover:

  • Permanent search and selection
  • Temporary, contract and interim roles
  • Retained assignments
  • Salary and benefits benchmarking
  • Market intelligence
  • Talent mapping
  • Competency and behavioural- based interviews

We will take our time to really get to know you, so we are able to discuss the roles you may be thinking of asking us to fill. Once we really get down to the fine details of precisely what you are looking for, we’ll start our search for the people we know will be most suited for your company.

Our methods are so precise that we only typically provide a handful of potential candidates for any role you ask us to recruit for. This makes your final decision much easier, as you only ever have a focussed list of superbly- matched individuals to interview for the final selection stage.

Engage with us and you’re assured of the very best recruitment services provider imaginable. If your business thrives on talent and ambition, then we’ll find the perfect people who will help drive both your company and themselves forwards.