Research the company
There are various avenues you can use to conduct research on the potential employer.
Visit the company website
In the modern day, a company without a website almost doesn’t exist. A website is much more than an avenue to sell your products or services to your customers, it is an opportunity to inform others of exactly what you do, who you are, where you came from, and much more.
You can find almost anything out about an employer using their website and search engines, so make sure you take advantage of this.

Find articles on the web
The internet is literally covered in news articles, press releases, blog entries and much more. Much of this media is related to businesses – whether for good or for bad.
Don’t miss out on an opportunity to get up to speed about what the press are saying about your potential employer. Blogging sites are a great place for you to get not only press opinion, but also wider public comments on the company.

Find employers and employees on LinkedIn
Use the advanced search facilities on LinkedIn to find out the background of your interviewer, and anyone else in the business. LinkedIn users often create a public profile which can be visited from outside any network. If you’re not sure about using LinkedIn or what it can offer to you – visit our Networking page. Here you will find information about using LinkedIn and also Twitter.

Preparing for your job interview
Preparation can be the key to being successful in your job interview and there are a number of factors that should be considered when preparing for your job interview:

Leave plenty of time available for preparation. Don’t do it the night before.

Work in a logical structure
Split your preparation into three areas – you, the company, and the interview.


  • Understand how the role fits into the company.
  • Be able to elaborate on every point on your CV.
  • Pick out key points of your CV that are likely to draw attention during the job interview – specific achievements, education grades, team working etc.
  • Decide what you are going to wear – iron your shirt, shine your shoes, pull out the suit – look smart.

The Company

  • Research in detail about the company – search for recent news articles, look at their website, google them for any information on the web.
  • If possible, visit a store, customer or supplier. So you can be more familiar with what the comapny does.

The Interview

  • Prepare a list of answers to typical interview questions.
  • You are likely to be asked if you have any questions at the end of the interview – so have one or two prepared.
  • Plan your route to the job interview location well in advance – check for any disruptions or closed roads and
  • Make the drive on an occasion before the interview if possible to ensure you know the way – tell the interviewer on the day as this will help show your desire and interest to work at the company.