There is a huge amount of variety available within the IT industry. Because of this, and the large number of potential vacancies, there does not seem to be a simple, single entry point by which people hoping to secure a career in IT can enter the industry.

This does mean that even if you don’t come from an IT background, that fact does not act as a hinderance to the development of a career in IT. Employees are always willing to consider the transferable skills you have developed via non-IT roles. Some companies actually actively seek talented ‘non IT’ people as they feel such workers make better ‘all-rounders’ when it comes to productivity.

If you are seeking to develop a career in IT, then there are numerous computer-based courses you can attempt, either part-time or full-time. You’ll be able to study at university, college, or even at home using distance learning.

When it comes to choosing your course it is always best to make sure your course is recognised by the British Computer Society (BCS). Courses that are recognised by the BCS will gain you greater recognition that those that are not.

Take that first step along the IT career path

Most people start their IT careers as a trainee software developer, or an analyst programmer. This cover plenty of IT areas, including web design, database development and technical support roles.

The next rung on the career lander following an entry-level role is a senior developer, or a senior programmer. Following that, you could explore roles such as a technical or programming consultant, a systems analyst or a project manager.

Working in IT does not mean you necessarily have to be a programming wizard. If you are more on the creative side of life, then software companies are always on the lookout for people with skills in graphic design, or designing websites.

You can even work in IT if you have no technical skills whatsoever – try sales or marketing if you want to get in on the commercial side of things.

You will need to keep up to date with the world of tech to maintain your position as an IT pro

You need to be aware that the world of IT is a fast changing and a fast moving one. No sooner has the dust seemingly settled on one new technological advancement than the next, new ‘game-changing’ technological development seems just around the corner. You will need to keep abreast of developments, else you might find your career stagnating.

IT reaches into all kinds of companies – almost all successful businesses will have an IT department, from small-scale firms to large-scale multinational organisations. You should always have plenty of job opportunities available if you choose a career in IT.

A career in IT offers you the chance to remain flexible with your career, and to try several different niches. As long as you are committed to developing yourself both personally and professionally, then a long and success IT career ought to lie ahead for you.