We’ve been working in the field of IT and telecoms recruitment since the mid-1990s. We began solely in the UK, but due to the changing nature of recruitment and the demand for talented individuals, we now recruit internationally as well.

It’s our business to best serve your needs. We want to get to know you better, so we are best placed to help you achieve whatever you seek to achieve.

The only way we feel that we can help a company find the best individuals, or we can help a talented person to expand their career, is by building in-depth relationships.

We want to grow, and we feel the best way of achieving that is by helping you – our clients – to grow as well.

We have – at heart – a team that simply does recruitment properly. We became disillusioned by the impersonal, ‘any peg that fits’ approach that we found that other recruiters took. We discovered a passion – as an enthusiastic boutique recruitment team – for undertaking the kind of recruitment services we would like to see available for ourselves, and in a way that creates the perfect marriage between business and technology.

We also take pride in that a lot of our business comes via word of mouth. In fact, nearly four out of every five people we take on as clients comes via personal recommendation. We of course regard personal recommendation as the best form of advertising. We also take it as a decent sign that we are doing things well.